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SEO Is Not Really That Complicated

April 10, 2019/advertising
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In my experience however, the typical small business need only focus on three things to greatly improve their chances for showing up in search results for key phases. (There are many, many things that can be done, but get your head around these three first.)

1) Consistently create education based content that is optimized for important keyword phrases – another way of saying this might be write lots of useful information in blog posts and work the phrases that people might use searching for your business or the problems you solve in the title of the posts.

2) Practice good HTML – I won’t go into a tutorial on the technical aspects of HTML coding, (if you want to learn here’s a great HTML site) but simple things like smart use of page title, meta description, alt image descriptions, heading and subheading (h1, h2) attributes, and anchor text in links is important – make sure you or your designer use them effectively.

3) Relevant links back to your site – search engines place a very high level of importance on this factor because they figure you like your site and will tell them how great it is no matter what, but if another site, particularly one they’ve already determined to be useful, likes your site enough to link to it and gives clues about how and why it’s good, then that’s another story. In fact, don’t waste your time, and please don’t waste any money, submitting your site to the search engines, they no longer care. Get another site to link to your site and the search engines will take note.

The subject of backlinks has a long and sordid history in the world of SEO because it’s the place so many what are called “black hat” SEO folks go to get rankings in ways that the search engines eventually ban. The search engines don’t really want you to buy links-that’s not very authentic, they get nervous when you get hundreds of links in a day – that’s not really natural unless you have a long history of it, what they do want is for you to acquire links from sites that also produce lots of useful content and are related to what your site is about.

There are many ways to accomplish the building of backlinks and there are very legitimate companies out there that can do it for you as well.

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