Facebook Pixel for Groups – why you should use it

Facebook has more than two million users and has come a long way from people sharing their day to day minutia. It has become one of the biggest digital marketing tools on the web. Up to now for those using Facebook Pixel, it has been easy to see how your Facebook business pages and ads are doing, but the same cannot be said for Facebook groups. That has all changed as Facebook has now introduced Facebook Pixel for groups


What is Facebook pixel?


A Facebook pixel is really just a piece of code that you place on your targeted website, very similar to the code you would use from Google to activate your Google analytics account. Pixel will then track any leads from your Facebook ads allowing you to optimise your ads based on the data collected. It will give you a very clear view of who is clicking on your ads, where they come from and who is actually converting. Invaluable knowledge for anyone with a Facebook campaign.


Why should you use a Facebook Pixel for your groups?

Facebook is continuously on a mission to attract more brands, and for new and meaningful ways for them to engage their target audience. More and more they are seeing that community-driven experiences are the way to go. Big brands have for a long time ignored this platform, but now with the Facebook Pixel they have a new opportunity to not only engage current brand faithfuls but to attract new followers; more importantly – they can now measure the response making Facebook Pixel a potentially invaluable tool for any brand.

This way they can gauge exactly who and how people are interacting with their brand content, and how it affects their website traffic and conversion rate.


Why is the Facebook newsfeed not enough?

With its billions of users and millions of business pages, brands are finding it hard to find prominence in the clogged up feed of most users. Groups are smaller, more intimate and encourage user interaction of a more genuine nature. And with the pixel offering an easy-to-use effective measuring tool, brands can now measure these groups’ effectiveness. Facebook is hoping that the Pixel will encourage more brands and advertisers to start community-driven groups.


What will it cost?

There is no cost associated with using the Pixel, you can add it to your existing Facebook ads account. The data will show up in your insights page and be easily readable to anyone with admin rights for that group. The one caveat is that pixel is limited to those groups with 250 or more members.


Does it work with multiple Facebook groups?

While each ad is limited to one pixel, you can implement this on more than one group and install it on multiple websites. The results will allow you to differentiate between your different groups, ads and websites.


Some benefits of using a pixel for your groups:

  • Helps to remarket to yoru warm leads

Already many brands are commenting that the Facebook Pixel is exceptionally useful as a remarketing tool. This may seem obvious from the outset but the benefits bear mentioning.

  • Measure the actions of the members of the group

Measure and track your metrics with ease, and make the right decisions pertaining to your ad spend.

  • Improves  relevance

Allows you to target the right people by measuring their engagement on your groups and website.

  • Improve your ad reach

You can build new customised customer databases from your Facebook ads based on the information gauged from your group members’ engagement.

  • Enhance your conversion rate

The bottom line is pretty much every business’s end goal, the pixel allows you to increase your conversion rate and raise sales by gathering essential data on your audience.


Do I need it?

Yes! If you already have a Facebook ad account and run one or more groups, then it’s a no-brainer. It’s free and easy to use and the information can prove invaluable, not only to your bottom line but to the user experience itself.

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